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The mission of Integrated Neuroscience Services (INS) is to enhance the clinical efficacy of neurofeedback and neuromodulation providers who treat patients with diagnosable conditions. Our unique expertise is in the integration of neuroscientific, neurophysiological, and neuropsychological information. Our services are personalized, detailed and informative above all else. This facilitates a more robust conceptualization of a clinical presentation and enables the clinician to maximize treatment benefits. Integrated Neuroscience Services is the only company founded and operated by two Clinical Neuropsychologists:  Dr. Robert Coben and Dr. Anne Stevens provide neurofeedback services daily and have directly helped over 20,000 of their own patients, in a combined 37 years of clinical practice.  As such, their unique expertise is in EEG and QEEG data processing, clinical competency, and neuropsychology. At INS, Drs. Coben and Stevens utilize neuroscientific, neuropsychological and neurophysiological information to facilitate the clinician’s understanding of their patients’ conditions, ultimately allowing the clinician to provide superior treatment.  Specifically, analysis and interpretation of EEG, QEEG, neuropsychological and other neurophysiological data is offered, along with customized treatment recommendations.

Our Services

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EEG/QEEG analysis

Artifacting is done manually through the NREP software suite. Traditionally, we have stayed away from automatic artifacting procedures

Coherence Analysis

Eyes closed and open data will be processed through the NeuroRep (NREP) database for a comprehensive multivariate coherence analysis.

Spike/Seizure analysis

Detecting seizure or spike and wave events can be extremely helpful to understand EEG dynamics and underlying brain functioning.


During virtual consultation, Drs. Coben and Stevens interpret the EEG, QEEG, and other neuropsychological information with the clinician in order to provide the patient with optimal care.


Online supervision of clinical work focused on the practice of neurofeedback or some other neuromodulation strategy.

Quantatitive Electroencephalogram Report

A QEEG report that includes all information from the patient’s history, data analysis and consultation. It includes the patient’s history, provides QEEG findings and interpretations, and offers neurofeeback and other recommendations.

Clinical Affiliate Program

The CAP is offered to build a partnership with mental health or medical professionals who desire to offer the best QEEG and NFB services to their patients

Continuing Education

INS offers workshops designed for the skills enhancement of the clinicians with whom they work.  All workshops designed by INS meet both BCIA and ISNR standards.

Provider Directory

At Integrated Neuroscience Services, we consult with psychological treatment providers from across the world. Each pin on this map represents one of the many providers in our integrated network. Click on a pin to learn more about a provider and their unique services. This map is NOT all-inclusive; we work with hundreds of providers globally. If you are a provider who has or does work with us, click below to be added to the directory


Our team is comprised of Anne Ward Stevens, Ph.D., and Robert Coben, Ph.D., Co-owners and Directors, as well as, Carl Armes, B.S., Melchizedek Ghandour, B.S., and Susan Sanders, B.A. Click on their pictures to learn more.

Anne Ward Stevens, Ph.D.


Since 2016, Dr. Stevens has been the President of Integrated Neuropsychological Services, with an expertise in head injury and other disorders related to brain functioning.  Her practice encompasses neuropsychological  and Quantitative EEG Assessment, as well as treatment, primarily through neurofeedback.

Robert Coben, Ph.D.


Dr. Coben has been a licensed psychologist in the state of New York since 1994. He is the Director and Chief Neuropsychologist of NeuroRehabilitation and Neuropsychological Services. He is an affiliate of Winthrop University Hospital and an affiliated researcher of NYU Medical Center.

Carl Armes, B.S and Melchizedek Ghandour, B.S.

Clinical Research Assistant; QEEG Technologist

Carl and Mel work as a Clinical Research Assistant and QEEG Technologist, respectively, and use data to compile integrated reports for patients. In addition to those duties, Carl and Mel provide technical support in various areas.

Susan Sanders, B.A.

Administrative Assistant

Susan assists Dr. Coben and Dr. Stevens with administrative duties such as scheduling, customer service, and marketing. Susan is available to help with any questions you may have!

QEEG/EEG Interpretations
Combined Years of Clinical Practice
Patients served
Case consultations
Dr. Coben and his staff have been instrumental in the advancement of my practice.  He is a brilliant neuropsychologist who is taking the field of neurofeedback to another level.  The coherence training is producing amazing results for my clients.  Dr. Coben is an excellent, patient teacher and has helped with the interpretation of qEEGs, the establishment of protocols and the review of routine sessions. I am so grateful for his help and guidance.
Mary Page Smith

Mary Page Smith

Dr. Robert Coben’s clinically guided approach to QEEG analysis, with his ability to translate its digital secrets into practical and straightforward NF protocols that reflect the individual’s principal issues, has made a major and positive difference in the results we achieve with our patients. He also has the humility to say clearly what he doesn’t know or what other pieces of the patient puzzle are needed before he can make final recommendations. Rob’s style is collaborative and relaxed yet very serious about the work, keeping a sharp eye out for ictal phenomena and taking great care in he protocol planning to avoid ones that could create unwise risks of seizures and suggesting formal neurological consultation when indicated.

David A. Mitnick, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Weill Medical College of Cornell University Assistant Attending Psychiatrist New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell MedicalCenter Director, New Jersey Family Psychiatric Group, P.A.
Dr. Coben has been a consultant to my practice for the past five of the twelve years that I have been doing Neurofeedback. Since consulting with Dr. Coben, we have seen dramatic improvements for our clients that were not consistently obtained until we began using his researched, state of the art model. He is able to take complex information, synthesize it and make it understandable and useful. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in obtaining the most comprehensive neurofeedback training for their own professional growth and the very best results for their clients to utilize Dr. Coben’s consulting services. It will transform and improve the lives of your clients and greatly advance your skill as a neurofeedback practitioner.
Ann Rigby, LCSW, BCN

Ann Rigby, LCSW, BCN

Director, The Neuroconnection


We place a high value on research-informed services.

Our clinical team regularly conducts independent research to investigate the clinical efficacy of 4 channel multivariate coherence training.

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Fees for Services

Full QEEG Analysis

$ 400
  • QEEG Analysis
  • Quantitative Report
  • Neurologist Review
  • Protocol Recommendation

Full Quantitative EEG

$ 305
  • QEEG Analysis
  • 30 min Consultation
  • Protocol Recommendation
  • Report not Included

Quantitative EEG Report

$ 100
  • Summarizes key findings
  • Good for parents and schools
  • Insert data into your own Clinical Report
  • Customized for target audiences

Spike Review

$ 75
  • Persyst Seizure and Spike Detection Software
  • 98% accuracy
  • View EEG of multiple formats and montages


$ 150 / hour
  • Video Conferencing or Telephone
  • Professional Development
  • Strengthen your Neurofeedback practice

Rush Processing

$ 25
  • For reports in less than 48 hrs
  • Added to the costs of other QEEG services
  • Fee per each report

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