Integrated Neuroscience Services

Integrated Neuroscience Services is the only company founded and operated by two Clinical Neuropsychologists:  Dr. Robert Coben and Dr. Anne Stevens provide neurofeedback services daily and have directly helped over 20,000 of their own patients, in a combined 37 years of clinical practice.  As such, their unique expertise is in EEG and QEEG data processing, clinical competency, and neuropsychology.

At INS, Drs. Coben and Stevens utilize neuroscientific, neuropsychological and neurophysiological information to facilitate the clinician’s understanding of their patients’ conditions, ultimately allowing the clinician to provide superior treatment.  Specifically, analysis and interpretation of EEG, QEEG, neuropsychological and other neurophysiological data is offered, along with customized treatment recommendations.

Watch Dr Stevens talk about her road to neurofeedback and how she uses it in her neuropsychology practice..