Clinical Affiliate Program


The CAP is offered to build a partnership with mental health or medical professionals who desire to offer the best QEEG and NFB services to their patients.

 The idea of the CAP program came from working with our current clients who wanted more from the INS staff, in the way of ongoing resources, consultations and training.

Whether you are new to neurofeedback or a seasoned professional, this is a program that may benefit your understanding of your patients, as well as, promote your practice development and patient outcomes.

Clinical Services:

QEEG Analysis and Analytic Report with Consultation with or without patient present 5 per month
QER’s 5 per month
Clinical Report 1 per month
NERD Report Writing Program unlimited
Additional QEEG Analysis/consultation 15% discount



Advertisement and Promotion:

Logo of INS placed on your website
Logo of consulting clinic on our website, and email blasts/announcements 

Support Services:

Supervision 2 hours per month
Instant messaging Ongoing, usual business hours
Workshops 15% discount


The value of this program is approximately, $28,000/per year.  INS is willing to provide this program to your clinic for $2000/month.