“The Coherence training is producing excellent results for my clients.”

Dr. Coben and his staff have been instrumental in the advancement of my practice.  He is a brilliant neuropsychologist who is taking the field of neurofeedback to another level.  The coherence training is producing amazing results for my clients.  Dr. Coben is an excellent, patient teacher and has helped with the interpretation of qEEGs, the establishment of protocols and the review of routine sessions. I am so grateful for his help and guidance.

Mary Page Smith
MSN (nursing), CNP (certified nurse practitioner), CNM (certified nurse midwife–really relevant) and BCN


“…an unparalleled addition to my practice.”

Dr. Coben’s comprehensive knowledge of the brain, neuroscience and neurofeedback is an inspiration. His work demonstrates what is accessible and attainable in training and healing the brain through results, research, consistency, and effectiveness. Working with Dr. Coben has been an honor and an unparalleled addition to my practice.

Nicole McGuffin, MA, LPC, BCN
Rocky Mountain Neurofeedback & Counseling


“It will transform and improve the lives of your clients and greatly advance your skill as a neurofeedback practitioner.”

Dr. Coben has been a consultant to my practice for the past five of the twelve years that I have been doing Neurofeedback. Since consulting with Dr. Coben, we have seen dramatic improvements for our clients that were not consistently obtained until we began using his researched, state of the art model. Dr. Cobe has a in depth understanding of the EEG in both rth raw and averaged data as well as a thorough understanding of neuroanatomy which allows him to interpret data and develop neurofeedback protocols to precisely address symptoms. Dr. Coben is an excellent teacher as well as researcher and practitioner. He is able to take complex information, synthesize it and make it understandable and useful. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in obtaining the most comprehensive neurofeedback training for their own professional growth and the very best results for their clients to utilize Dr. Coben’s consulting services. It will transform and improve the lives of your clients and greatly advance your skill as a neurofeedback practitioner.

Ann Rigby, LCSW, BCN
Director, The Neuroconnection


“…seamlessly weaves his knowledge of the patient’s clinical and psychological information with the QEEG data…”

This is an easy endorsement to write. Dr. Robert Coben’s clinically guided approach to QEEG analysis, with his ability to translate its digital secrets into practical and straightforward NF protocols that reflect the individual’s principal issues, has made a major and positive difference in the results we achieve with our patients.

Rob has the expertise to teach plenty of electrophysiology while not losing the clinical picture. He also has the humility to say clearly what he doesn’t know or what other pieces of the patient puzzle are needed before he can make final recommendations. Rob’s style is collaborative and relaxed yet very serious about the work, keeping a sharp eye out for ictal phenomena and taking great care in he protocol planning to avoid ones that could create unwise risks of seizures and suggesting formal neurological consultation when indicated.

I have worked closely with Rob Coben for almost 5 years. I look forward to each of our meetings. His new staff are even faster in turning around the recordings so we can start NF even more promptly than before.

I feel very fortunate to work with such a talented neuropsychologist who so seamlessly weaves his knowledge of the patient’s clinical and psychological information with the QEEG data, and one who shares his excitement for the work. His passion is contagious.

David A. Mitnick, M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Assistant Attending Psychiatrist
New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell MedicalCenter
Director, New Jersey Family Psychiatric Group, P.A.